HatGear Sun Shield--works with most any hat to protect the wearer from the sun! Protects
the neck and ears.
Gives welcome

A great
place to
product or logo!
HatGear Sun Shield-protects from the strong sun!
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    What is it?
The HatGear Sun Shield is designed to protect the wearer's neck, ears and sides of the face from the sun.

How does it work?
HatGear Sun Shield works with almost any hat. Simply place the patent pending stiffener's tabs into the channel between the inner headband and the hat and put the hat on normally!
HatGear Sun ShieldHatGear protects from the sunHatGear Sun Shield gives welcome shade!
Your logo will fit beautifully on the HatGear Sun Shield How can it work for YOU?
Sun Shield is the ideal venue for your BRAND NAME or LOGO! Designed for screen printing, the cloth offers a large "BILLBOARD" for advertisers to promote products or events.

Priced to be a promotional product, the Sun Shield is a cost-effective way to get multiple ADVERTISING exposures beyond the first wearing. Additionally, your customer will benefit from your thoughtful offering of a product that protects them from the sun.
Promote your Brand or Product
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Durable and Convenient
The Sun Shield can be washed and dried in normal laundry. The cloth is 100% cotton and the patent pending stiffener is not affected by the heat of a dryer. Fold it like a handkerchief, put in a pocket for immediate use with your favorite hat.

HatGear Sun Shield -- welcome protection from the sun!

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